Simply natural:

The healthy alternative to the energy drink

The stimulating refreshment with a sweet fruity taste and a hint of sourness - no any added sugar!
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Inspired by nature: The ingredients

Active and full of energy all day with Doubdle

Whether you need an extra boost while working out or just a tasty pick-me-up for work: Doubdle helps you stay active and focused on your goals.

Made with the finest ingredients, Doubdle contains no artificial flavours, preservatives or aspartame and is particularly low in calories at less than 20 kcal per 100ml.

With the natural sweetness of fruit and free of any added sugars, Doubdle combines unique taste and healthy effectiveness in one drink!


Doudble only contains natural ingredients and is based on herbal flavours and extracts.


Doubdle is 100% non-alcoholic and contains no preservatives or dyes.

Low in Calories

With less than 20 kcal per 100 ml, Doudble is particularly low in calories.


The Healthy Alternative to the Energy Drink - 2023 🍷 : The Power Booster from Natural Source

Healthy energy drink

Doubdle provides your body with a powerful boost of micronutrients while fully avoiding preservatives and artificial sweeteners. It exclusively includes natural fruit extracts and ingredients for a refreshing and natural energy boost.

Healthy energy drink

From the selection of ingredients to the production of the unique drink, Doubdle provides the perfect basis for tackling everyday life productively and full of energy.

Healthy alternative to the energy drink
Healthy alternative to the energy drink

The ingredients support your metabolism as well as the immune and nervous system. Natural caffeine sources help fighting fatigue and contribute to a stronger defense system. They also support the strengthening of bones, joints and teeth. These claims are scientifically proven and comply with the EU Health Claims Regulation.

Stronger performance & sensational taste combined in one drink!

Doubdle increases your performance in sports and work in a healthy way

Doubdle gives your body the kick it needs to support the immune system and achieve high performance goals. Doubdle has an advanced formula with naturally derived caffeine and offers a great amount of vitamins, as well as a lower calorie count and great taste!

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